Continue Our Fight – Join Us Now as We March On

We have coined the phrase here in the last week of The 21st Century Minutemen.  Today we are releasing our new FB page title, ‘The 21st Century Minutemen’.

We are hoping that we can transition the efforts and momentum from the Boycott The ESOS Show over to the new page, and use it as our avenue to continue the fight for our 2nd Amendment Rights. minutemen-spirit-of-1776-granger

If everyone ‘LIKES’ this page and encourages 10 of their friends to do so as well, we could have 180,000 ‘LIKES’ in a week instead of 18,000 currently on the Boycott The ESOS page.

Its gonna be a much larger fight, so we will need a much larger following…  Rally all of your ’21st Century Minutemen’ Friends and lets start the charge…

Click the picture of the ‘minutemen’ to go to our new FB Page.

Tom McConnell, (

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