Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show 2014 – Harrisburg, PA – Feb 1st – Feb 9th

GAOS14_WEB_468x60Though it is not named the ‘Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show’ any longer it will be running next month in Harrisburg, PA.  The NRA has been the promoter chosen to run the new show which has been renamed to ‘The Great American Outdoor Show’.  REED exhibitions who was the promoter for the 2013 show which was boycotted and cancelled because of their stance on weapons, actually owned the name rights for the ESOS and took the name with them when they were run out of town.

FB ESOS Vendor IconThe new show has been reportedly improved, to feature more of a flavor of and outdoors show, and the NRA has limited booths to non outdoors related companies.  This year you will not see 20 companies selling the ‘ AS SEEN ON TV’ products, and other quick money making products that aren’t what they seem.

We are really looking forward to the NEW and IMPROVED Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show…  It is a shame that so many people knew it as this name for over 50 years, but shame on REED Exhibitions for putting the show in the predicament to begin with.

We hope to see you all there, please stop by and say hello at booth # 2636 we will have some ‘I supported the ESOS Boycott’ T Shirts and Patches as well as a large display for you to stop by and sign you name on.  We are also in the planning stages to hold a vendor meet and greet for the ESOS Boycott Vendors in Harrisburg some evening during the show.

The ESOS Boycott has become a topic at all sports shows around the country, which is why I knew when I heard that REED was banning certain weapons, we had to stand up and do something then, or every smaller show across the USA would not stand a chance at keeping their shows running the way they wanted them.

See you at the show !  Don’t forget Booth #2636

Tom McConnell (MyNEOD.com) 1/1/14

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