Eastern Sports Show 2014 – Moving Forward After the Boycott

Who would have thought our Boycott of the ESOS would have brought the show to its knees, and may give it a fresh breath of new life.  I am unsure how long REED has run the show, but from what I have heard from most of the vendors we have been in contact with it will be a very welcome change from REED’s controlling, overbearing and less than cordial show manners and atmosphere they created for the vendors.

time to sit back and wait to see the ‘white smoke’ raise from the stacks at the PA Farm Show Complex

It now seems that the Farm Show Complex managers are hard at work securing the show for next year (2014).  I have been contacted by both, a manager from the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, which was the site of the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show for many years until it was cancelled this year due to the previous manager of the show deciding to ban ‘certain weapons’ from the show.

There has been a lot of talk recently of what will happen to the show, and if it would continue to be held in Harrisburg, PA.  There have been many other venues along the Eastern Coast who have been vying for the opportunity to move the show to their complex, and we were worried that the show would be lost from PA forever.

I do agree that the Mayor of Harrisburg has done nothing good for the city or the businesses to keep the show there, and in fact probably feels a bit victorious that the show did not happen this year.  My feeling is though that this show not only supports the local businesses of Harrisburg that deserve to have the show in spite of the mayors opinion, but also the Vendors, Non Profits Groups and Sportsman alike from across several states around who have grown up with the show as a part of their heritage.

The show is positioned in an ideal place close to many routes running from all directions, and the Pennsylvania residents are very hospitable and helpful to all visitors to the show.  The PA Farm Show complex managers have assured us that they “are now moving rapidly, objectively and with prudent deliberation” to make a decision to name a new promoter for the show by a mid April time frame.

So now it is just a waiting game, time to sit back and wait to see the ‘white smoke’ raise from the stacks at the PA Farm Show Complex, and see who is chosen to host the new and improved Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show, or whatever the name will be going forward.

As soon as we hear any news, we will be sure to post it here.

Tom McConnell  (MyNEOD.com)

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