Grand Safari (South Africa, Tanzania, and Cameroon) and Grand Safari USA joined the boycott of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg. Our decision supported the Second Amendment rights of our US hunters, the existing signed contract between exhibitors and the show organizers (Reed Expositions), and the customer’s right to choose without infringement by arbitrary corporate policies.

Hence we disagree with Reed Expositions when their censors violate a fundamental right: the right to choose.

We regretted the inconvenience to our customers, and invite you to discuss your safari plans with us by telephone (001 27 82 893 8389 or leave a message on 802 870 0050), e-mail (, or see our ads on the virtual show (

Grand Safari is pleased to offer a family hunting package in South Africa (family of 4, 6 days and 7 nights, $3462), while maintaining a “PG-13 parental discretion advised” policy towards hunting, as well as various packages such as for buffalo in Tanzania and Bongo & Giant Derby Eland in Cameroon.