Listing Of Vendors Still Attending The ESOS

Good morning everyone.  We have had numerous requests for companies that are still listed to be vendors or exhibitors at the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show.

First of all I would like to point out that we are still receiving emails from people that are vendors who are just finding out about the boycott and all of the recent happenings at the show.  We do not think it is a good idea, nor very professional of any of us to jump to conclusions and begin berating and boycotting companies, vendors, or manufacturers.  exclamation

Secondly, this show is sometimes all anyone has to make a final stand between personal or business financial ruin and being able to pay their bills for another six months and survive the winter or until they can start working again in the sports industry.  We must realize that a small company or personal vendor that puts out $2500 – $10,000 for space at the show has in some cases thrown all they have into the show, or in some cases may have even taken out loans to attend the show.  We cannot in some cases blame or chastise them for sticking it out in hopes of making it, or at least covering their expenses.

What we really should be doing, is looking for an avenue in which these vendors, all of them both large and small, would be refunded their money for spots they have paid for at the show.

If you wish to continue to notify vendors and companies of whats going on here, that is great and we appreciate the help, but as for now, lets hold of on boycotting any vendors and businesses.  None of them have outright come out and said they don’t care about our second amendment rights, and that is why we started this boycott to begin with.

We also can in now way verify any listing at this time as vendors and supporters lists have been altered and changed several times since this all took place.  The only way we have of pre approving vendors for the Virtual Sports Show now is proof or receipt of purchase from the show.  Therefore we cannot publish any listing of vendors or supporters remaining at the show.

Thanks for your understanding, patience and cooperation.  Tom McConnell (

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