Looking Back: 2013 Easten Sports and Outdoor Show – YouTube Commercial

Found this online when I was surfing around tonight. Its a commercial for the 2013 ESOS Show which we organized the boycott for and in the end tFB ESOS Vendor Iconhe promoter ended up postponing the show indefinitely. What I found interesting was the fact that they advertise ‘More Tactical Gear’ in the commercial, which proves they all intent to allow these items at the show, before they caved to political pressure to ban them.

I am sure they are all looking back now wishing the hadn’t caved to political pressure since they lost the 2014 Harrisburg Show to the NRA, and the 2014 SHOT Show in Vegas to another company after both show owners decided that was the wrong decision and pulled their plug.

Enjoy the Commercial, and know that we all stood together and made a HUGE difference in the outdoors industry !

Tom McConnell (MyNEOD.com) 12/19/13

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