– Time To Seperate From ESOS Boycott Face Book Page

It has come to a time where the Boycott the ESOS Face Book Page has served its purpose, and MyNEOD must continue on with our original plan for our site.

We will not continue to post our articles that are not directly related to the ESOS Boycott on the Boycott the ESOS FB page, but will will begin publishing them directly to our MyNEOD Face Book Page instead.  If you wish to continue to follow us, and we hope you will, please come on over to our FB page and ‘LIKE’ us, MyNEOD 400 x 170we would love to have you there.

The Boycott the ESOS FB page will continue to publish boycott related items and news from, but only boycott related items.  We realize many of you signed up to support the Boycott, and not necessarily other functions, so we will begin separating the two immediately. will continue to grow into an incredible outdoors related website as we evolve.  We have big plans for it and hope that you will follow us on our adventure. was not originally intended to be a place for Boycotting the ESOS, but rather we were hoping to advertise with the organizers of the show and help grow our fan base and gain a presence on the web.  I think it worked…  Although not as planned, but we now have a great start to our new website and a legacy of the ESOS that will live on forever.

Thanks to everyone who made the Boycott very successful, and will will continue to help promote those vendors who made the Boycott successful at their expense.  Watch for more Boycott Supporters profiles as time goes on, and continue to support those who stood up for what we believed in.

Please follow us over to the Face Book Page

Tom McConnell (

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