MyNEOD To Launch Virtual Sports Show Classifieds

Well everyone here if the big news.  We hope this works well with all of the vendors who have pulled out, and gives all of those who support their stance one common area to shop and help them recover their losses from pulling out of the show. (click on logo in article for link) will launch to the public on Saturday, Feb 2nd at 7:00 am.  My Northeast classifieds Logo Clear

We will start allowing vendors to access the site on week prior to the show (it will take us that long to finish setting it up) so they can upload items they normally would have sold at the show.

You will be able to browse and purchase by vendor, product type, etc. but knowing the whole time you are shopping that every item listed on the page is from an approved vendors who has pulled out of the show.

We will start accepting vendors interest emails immediately, please send the email to and be sure to include in the subject line ‘VENDOR FOR VIRTUAL SHOW’ so it gets appropriately flagged.

Once again this website is being built right now and will only be for listings of approved vendors withdrawing from the ESOS for the first month.  After the month is up, we will allow other vendors the opportunity to list items for sale on the page as well.

We hope this will help defray some of the losses the vendors have incurred, and that the general public who support their decisions will visit the site and purchase their products, service, hunts, trips, etc.

Thanks for your patience as we work toward a common goal and stand together as one !!!

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