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Great locked bucks rescue by Veteranarian and Son

What a great rescue video…  Great job guys !

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From a post over on …  We have been getting numerous calls and emails from interested ‘eVendors’ for the new website here wanting to know when they can start posting their items on the site.  So I figured I would give everyone a time lime of what to expect… Nov 8th – Live Test […]

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Kids @ 2 Million Bullets Need Our Help !

2 Million Bulllets, a Non Profit organization aimed at providing inner city kids with hunting and weapons awareness and training needs our help right now ! Under Armour has a challenge called the ‘Under Armour Next Generation Charity Challenge’ in which they will donate $50,000 to the winning charities.  In this challenge Under Armour has […]

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Monster 6×6 Elk in Heated Battle – WOW !

WOW is right !  What a great video posted on YouTube by Jeremiah Moseley… Watch and enjoy it…  He almost gets ran over about 45 seconds into the video! Thanks for sharing with us Jeremiah ! Tom McConnell (

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ACT NOW – John Kerry Signs UN Arms Treaty

Well, here we go again…  As expected John Kerry decided it was in our best interest that he signs the controversial UN Arms Treaty… As he signed the document, Kerry called the treaty a “significant step” in addressing illegal gun sales, while claiming it would also protect gun rights. YOU MUST ACT NOW and call, […]

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Starbucks Says No Guns Welcome !

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz says Starbucks is NOT Pro gun NOR Anti Gun…  Sounds like a flip flop to cover their behind in not alienating any customers on either side…  Sorry…  He just has  ! In a video interview found on YouTube with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, Howard asks that his customers not bring weapons into […]

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Kahr Firearms – Moving from NY to PA

Found a great article on today… It seems that New York continues to lose business and family sustaining jobs due to their stance on weapons. Good for them, sorry for all the people in NY that will lose their job and suffe because of your state government. ‘When it comes to job creation, one […]

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Help MyNEOD Win a Commercial for !

Intuit is having a great contest where a small business will win a FREE commercial to the Big Game in 2014. We can really use your help ! Please Click Here or on the Intuit Field Goal Post to go and VOTE… There is not any, type your name, email address, etc etc… Simply click […]

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NO GUNS ALLOWED – Says the Bloomsburg Fair

Even after 157 years of zero gun incidents at the Bloomsburg fair, they now feel compelled to outlaw guns, and knives as prizes at the fair. Wow… what next, ‘the board was pressured into making this decision’ , ‘homeland security suggested we do this’ … Visit our Facebook page to leave your reaction… Tom McConnell […]

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Our New Virtual Sports Show – COMING TO LIFE

Well, things have been very quiet around here since the Boycott of The ESOS ended…  But not any longer ! Over the next several months we will be building this website up to become the greatest online ‘meeting’ place for customers looking to interact with vendors from the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show as well […]

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