Pro Gun Billboard in Harrisburg – 1 Year After Boycott – Representative Kim Unhappy !

Slidefire logoWOW – As if Harrisburg, PA didn’t suffer enough loss after last years Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show Boycott and eventual closing of the show to the tune of $80+ Million Dollars, now we have Representative Patty Kim (D-Harrisburg) spouting off about how terrible a billboard by Slide Fire is located along I-81 near Harrisburg.  Not to mention she goes on to say “guns to us in Harrisburg means death especially illegal guns – when we see a handgun its painful – so many of us have fallen at the hands of illegal guns” – what does a perfectly legal gun accessory have to do with illegal guns?

to put it in a city that is struggling with gun violence is just plain wrong (Patty Kim)

It was EXACTLY one year ago this week that we here at was engaged in a stand for our rights against REED Exhibitions and the ban of ‘Certain Weapons’ from the ESOS, and the city’s government officials cannot for the life of them understand why.

It never ceases to amaze me how an $81,000,000 loss to their local economy didn’t make enough of an impact to make them stand back and keep their mouths shut, if you don’t like it, so be it…  But why on earth would you go on VIDEO yet to boot proclaiming your hate for the billboard?

Watch the video below from ABC27 News in Harrisburg, PA

abc27 WHTM

If Harrisburg is such an Anti Gun City, then why doesn’t the NRA and the sportsmen take the new show elsewhere next year and see how the Harrisburg officials like it when they continue to lose the annual revenue, but I guess for them they will be happy not having to put up with GUNS in their ‘safe’ little town.FB ESOS Vendor Icon

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