Rally Your 21st Century Minute Men

Please help us spread the word…  Don’t just like us on Face Book, Share us, email the URL to www.MyNortheastOutdoors.com to everyone you know.  We have a long and hard uphill battle ahead of us.

We have made it really tough for REED to continue to move forward in any amount of good faith, and showed them what happens when you stand on our front lawns and tell us where we can and cannot have our legal guns.

During the revolutionary war our country relied on ‘Minutemen’ who were members of well prepared militias who provided rapidly deploy able forces allowing the colonies to respond immediately to threats against them, hence the name ‘Minutemen’Less than a week ago we started the Boycott the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show Face Book page, tonight I am sitting here watching us approach 18,000 likes, friends, supporters of our second amendment!

You have all proved yourself to be ‘The 21st Century Minutemen of My Northeast Outdoors.com

   We are extremely proud to have you on our side !  And look forward to continuing to have you by our side as we continue into this fight for the long haul.We are organizing a much larger fight, and we hope you will continue to stand with us !  As Chris Tibbs has mentioned on our Face Book Page…

First they came for the semi-automatic rifles, and I did not speak out– Because I did not have a semi-automatic rifle.

Then they came for the high capacity magazines, and I did not speak out– Because I did not have a high capacity magazine.

Then they came for the handguns, and I did not speak out–

Because I did not have a handgun.

Then they came for my hunting rifle–and there was no one left to speak for me.

‘We Stand For Our Rights’ together, or tomorrow we may kneel to serve someone else…

Tom McConnell (MyNEOD.com)

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