This has been an exciting day !  We are committed to continuing to help those vendors who have pulled out of the show.

We originally announced we would launch the MyNortheastClassifieds ( to help the vendors recover money lost on fees they spent to get booth space at The Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show.

But I am both excited and very proud to announce it will now be to help them gain a better financial foothold in the outdoors market place as REED announced earlier they will be refunding ‘ALL FEES PAID TO DATE’ to all vendors.  My Northeast classifieds Logo Clear

This now will allow the vendors to sell their products online through this common market place, without the fret of having to make up huge monetary losses due to REED Exhibitions stance on weapons bans at the show.

We as their supporters must still realize, we must continue to support these vendors, they count on the sales for huge portions of their annual sales, and if they don’t meet sales goals on then it is still a drain on their wallet, just not so large anymore.

We will launch the Virtual Sports Show on Feb 2nd and run through Feb 10th, 2013.  Only vendors who have boycotted the show will be permitted to have products on the website during this time.

After this show ends we will open the page up to any vendors who wish to list their items for sale on the site, and it will remain online as a common market place for all, and as a ‘landmark of our victory here in PA’

Thanks for your support, but we are not out of the woods, keep spreading the word, and help these vendors sleep a little better now at night knowing they stood up for what was right, and will be rewarded.

Tom McConnell, (